Postgraduate education

Address of the Orthodontic Department of the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava


Katedra čeľustnej ortopédie SZU
MUDr.Simona Dianišková, PhD.,MPH
Limbová 14, 
831 01 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Chief of the Department:
MUDr.Simona Dianišková, PhD.,MPH
Phone: +421-2 -59370887



The postgraduate education to an orthodontic specialists takes 6 semesters.
No, you have to attend the university on a daily basis.
The Orthodontic education in Slovakia can be acquired at the Medical University in Bratislava.
The postgraduate education at the university is not free of charge. Please contact the appropriate study department of the university for more information.
The minimum requirements are graduation in general dentistry (MDDr.) in any EU country or equivalent and at least 12 months of clinical work after graduation.