Orthodontics is a medical speciality in diagnostics and treatment of  irregularities of teeth, teeth arches and whole jaws. The orthodontic specialists is a doctor who acquired an orthodontic speciality by finishing a 3-y postgraduate education at the University and is according to the laws of the Slovak republic certified in providing healthcare, diagnosis and treatment in orthodontics.

Every patients should be informed if he is treated by a specialist and so getting the best possible treatment. All certified orthodontists in Slovakia can be found on this web-page in the “find a specialist” section.



Orthodontics is a speciality in medicine which diagnoses and treats irregularities of teeth, teeth arches and whole jaws. Also with face esthetics and the masticatory functions. Together with other specialists, general dentists or surgeon, the orthodontic specialists is able to improve your smile with straight teeth.
The average treatment time with fixed appliances is about 2 years. In difficult cases where surgery is a main part of the treatment plan, the treatment time can take more than 3 years,
The removable appliances are not supposed to be worn during sleeping only. During active treatment the time wearing the appliance should be at least 16 - 18 hours a day. The treatment time is very variable and depends strongly of the diagnosed malocclusion. The treatment with removable appliances does not mean, it will not be necessary to continue the treatment with a fixed appliance in the future.
Many patients visit and orthodontist after a consultation have been recommended by their dentist. In any case if you don´t like your teeth position, would like to improve your smile, have any aesthetic problems with your teeth, do not hesitate to consult an orthodontist at any time.
No, you can visit an orthodontist at any time you like.
The full list of certified orthodontists in Slovakia can be found on this page in the "find a specialist" section.
A fixed appliance is a tool of the orthodontist which is "glued" to the tooth surface and it is used to move and align teeth. Some parts of this appliance are called brackets, bands, wires, ligatures, etc. More information can be found in the download section.
The price of the treatment depends on the diagnosis, used materials and other expenses. The orthodontist should clearly inform every patient before the start of the treatment about the cost of the treatment. Some part of the treatment may be covered by the public healthcare system for patients till age 18.
After the active treatment, in the retention phase the specialist is maintaining the achieved teeth position. For this purpose special retention appliances are made and the patients are strongly advised to comply with all of the orthodontist recommendations regarding the wearing of these appliances.
Invisalign, is a treatment option for patients, where teeth are moved with almost invisble clear aligners. Please consult your orthodontist for more information.
No, teeth can be aligned at any age. There are small differences between adult and children therapy, but in the majority of cases the improvement of smile aesthetics , teeth and face can be done at any age. More information will surely be provided by your orthodontist:)