Dr. Aladin Sabbagh DDS/Syr

1989 Postgraduate certificate in „Oral surgery“, Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery/Syr.
1993 Postgraduate certificate in “Orthodontics”, University of Kiel/Nuremberg/Munich.
1993 Establishment of own orthodontic practice in Erlangen (Germany).
1996 EU/USA patent for the “SUS² / Sabbagh Universal Spring”
2002 EU/USA patent for the “Aqua Splint ®”
2005 Chairman of the german association of orthodontic in M.Frankonia / Bavariaria.
2016 Establishment of the second orthodontic practice in Nuremberg/Germany.
2017 Authorized medical court expert (Nürnberg / Fürth).
2018 Referee of the national association of statutory dental health insurance.
2019 Patent app. “SARA®” Sabbagh Advanced Repositioning Appliance.

  • Honor Professor, various awards for international outstanding merits in several countries
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Quintessenz publishing, IOS & AEO Prag
  • Lecturer at the european academy of dental education in Nuremberg, and several national & international universities and associations
  • Top orthodontist award (Focus Magazine, Germany 2012-2019)
  • Since 1991 more than 700 publications, seminars and lectures about:
    • Noncompliance orthodontic, SARA©, Herbst appliance, Tad`s & Aligners
    • Trouble shooting & adult orthodontic
    • Temporomandibular disorders (TMD)