Ewa Monika Czochrowska, DDS, PhD.

Congress of Slovak Orthodontic Society
September 23.-24. 2022, Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton, Košice

Ewa Monika Czochrowska, DDS, PhD.

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Ewa Monika Czochrowska, DDS, PhD.

Graduated as a dentist from the Dental Faculty in Warsaw, Poland.

She finished a postgraduate training in orthodontics at the University in Oslo, Norway in 1997. Then worked as a Research Fellow at the Orthodontic Department, Dental Faculty in Oslo until 2002. In 2003 she was awarded a PhD from the University in Oslo for a thesis on autotransplantation of teeth.

For the publication from this work she received the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Dewel Orthodontic Award in 2002. (B.F.Dewel- chief editor of AJO-DO magazine, translator’s note).

In 2014 she was awarded a habilitation in medical science from the Medical University in Warsaw on her work related to orthodontic treatment of patients with periodontitis. (equivalent of lectureship/docentúra/ in Slovakia, translator’s note).

Dr.Czochrowska was the President of the European Orthodontic Society and she host the EOS Congress in 2014 in Warsaw.
She is the President of the Polish Orthodontic Society and the Active Member of the Angle Society of Europe and the European Board of Orthodontists. At present, she serves the position of the Secretary of the Angle Society of Europe.
Dr. Czochrowska has organized 2 international congresses on tooth transplantation in 2016 (Sopot, Poland) and 2018 (Rotterdam, the Netherlands).
Received Distinguish Teacher Award from the European Orthodontic Society for 2020.

At present, she is the Deputy Dean of English Dentistry Division and is working at the Department of Orthodontics, Medical University in Warsaw,Poland.

Since 1997, dr.Czochrowska maintains a private orthodontic practice in Warsaw.

Dr. Czochrowska has authored and coauthored 11 book chapters and over 60 scientific articles. She has lectured extensively worldwide on interdisciplinary treatment related to orthodontics.

Autotransplantation of developing teeth. Protocol for orthodontic and surgical treatment.

Autotransplantation of developing teeth is an established treatment option for replacing missing teeth in growing individuals. Favourable orthodontic indications, good surgical access and optimal tooth morphology are mandatory for a successful outcome of the treatment. Premolars with developing roots due to their morphology and position in the dental arch are optimal donors with reported success rate of over 90 per cent.

Autotransplantation of developing, unerupted premolars to maxillary anterior region and to replace missing mandibular premolars will be presented. The description of the surgical technique and factors, which may influence the treatment outcome will be given and discussed.

Follow-up protocol will be presented and explained in relation to development of tooth and healing after transplantation.

On top of that, a natural potential of transplanted teeth for bone preservation and regeneration at sites of transplantation will be demonstrated, using clinical examples, that those teeth may in many cases serve as a natural providers of bone growth and may help in regeneration of the alveolus in patients with bone defects. This advantage of the treatment seems to be the most strategic factor in favour of performing tooth autotransplantation of teeth in children to avoid the need for an implant in the future.

Course objectives:

  1. To recognize indications and different treatment options in patients with premolar agenesis including autotransplanation of premolars and third molars.
  2. To recognize indications for performing autotransplantation in patients with traumatic loss of tooth.
  3. To know the principles and results of the autotransplanation of an immature tooth.

Saturday, 24.9.2022 – Programme: Doctors

09:00 – 10:00 Orthodontic treatment planning in patients with indications for autotransplantation of tooth Ewa Monika Czochrowska, MDD., PhD.
11:30 – 12:30 Follow-up protocol for autotransplanted teeth Ewa Monika Czochrowska, MDD., PhD.
15:00 – 15:30 Q&A – discussion Ewa Monika Czochrowska, MDD., Pawel Plakwicz, PhD., DDS, MFDS, RCS