Bc. Lenka Kleščincová

Congress of Slovak Orthodontic Society
September 23.-24. 2022, Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton, Košice

Bc. Lenka Kleščincová

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Bc. Lenka Kleščincová

She works as a head orthodontic assistant in Emadent, s.r.o. in medical center Medisaf in Sereď.

In the work she is engaged in processing digital dates, patient management and dental technical support: study casts preparation, 3D printing, aligners manufacturing , etc.

She improves in digital photography, likes drawing, book reading and work with children in her free time. She studies Pedagogy of children externaly at University st. Cyril and Method in Trnava.


Practical procedures: thermoplastic aligners in the Orthodontic praxis

Removable aligners are part of everyday orthodontic practice. Many companies offer aligner production of different quality level bounded with supplementary services and with possibility to step in to an aligner design. There is no way to compare orthodontic office possibilities to the capacities and production quality of world lead aligner companies, however at the present state of technology, there is a way to come close to mentioned quality.

What are the office possibilities of “in house” production of aligners? Investment to technological equipment is rather high. Besides the financial demands on equipment and software there is a qualified labour force needed. It is not the role of the doctor to explicitly be involved in aligners production, but competently assess the treament procedure and malloclusion correction.

Many offers, many options. One of them, proven, practically undemanding and financially profitable, cinically applicable, will be introduced in this lecture.

Friday, 23.9.2022 – Programme: Nurses, Dental assistants and Dental hygienists

16:00 – 17:00 Practical procedures: thermoplastic aligners in the Orthodontic praxis Bc. Lenka Kleščincová